General Information

In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, below shows the general information of this website:
1 º. - The producer is PROSHOWMARKET SL, CIF: B-22334759 and registered office at c Ganaderia Nº13, Nave 5, in Huesca (22006) Spain, is registered in the Register of Huesca at folio 83, volume 555, section 8 leaf HU-9717, entry 1 and holder of the domain name "" used for identification on the Internet, as contained in the registry database Delegate Internet in Spain, by permission dated March 3, 2008.
2 °. - The contact therewith can be effected through the following means:
. - E-mail address:
. - Phone: (+34) 902 702 799
. - Fax: (+34) 974 230 440
.- Address: c\ Ganaderia Nº13, Nave 5 /  22006 - Huesca (Spain)

 3rd. - The activity performed through this website is subject to prior administrative authorization or the exercise of profession is regulated or subject to licensing.
4th. - The price of the services offered by this site is specified prior to any payment or service contracts in paragraph (Terms-Conditions), however, are reproduced below:
At those prices is included the amount corresponding to the tax on value added, but not included is a fee for postage or freight, and that in relation to the latter, assume any obligation or liability the company acting as aparatado described in "GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS", as a simple meeting point for potential buyers and sellers through the network.
5th. - CODE OF CONDUCT: Proshowmarket SL, is a newly established company which, while being backed by the proven experience of its members and leaders in the field of professional sound and lighting both domestically and internationally, Sign in now online service as described on this page and in relation to specific products in this market sector.
At this time and subject to all the guarantees resulting from the methods and payment gateways mentioned, is preparing for accession to various codes of conduct pertaining to sales and trading associations on line, adherence to consumer arbitration system provided in Law 34/2002, and the creation of a code of conduct aimed at directly own the characteristics of the audio industry and professional lighting.