Do I need to register to buy?
No. you not need to register to purchase from our store. The registration process will only have to do this once. From now ready to access our store through username / password you have chosen and will benefit from the sales offers Proshowmarket.com

How do I cancel a purchase?
You can cancel a purchase whenever you communicate on the same day of order (otherwise you will be charged the shipping charges). You can request cancellation through info@proshowmarket.com email or our contact form.

Why not add the products you have selected to cart?
Normally not need to make any adjustment in the browser to make purchases. But if during the checkout process you check that the products selected are not added to the basket, you have to adjust the settings of security / privacy of your browser. In Internet Explorer: Tools> Internet Options> Privacy and assign a security level means that the browser allows cookies reading).


How secure is the online store purchase Proshowmarket.com?
The purchase in our online store is completely secure and that all information (credit card number, etc..) Is transmitted through secure payment gateways and PayPal bank BBVA, in encrypted form, and in any case our store has no contact with the data of the customer's card. This technology is used by banks to operate with its customers via the Internet.

Shipping and Returns
Can be sent a package to a different address to the registry?
You can request pick up the package in a nearby office SEUR reference in the "comments". Thus, it is not necessary to remember the agency delivery (avoiding absences or any unexpected deliveries). Thus you who decides the place and time of collection. To receive your package in a different destination to your home you can indicate it in the comments box to enter your information. For example: Observations "would like to receive my purchase ..."

I can do a return?
All necessary information can be found in paragraph returns.

What happens when the dealer comes and no one is home?
The dealer will come to your home for immediate delivery of the shipment. If not found at the time of delivery the dealer again a second time and in case of failure of delivery, a notice is left, so you can remove it within 10 days in the agency nearest SEUR. After those 10 days dede date order automatically will return to origin.

Sign Up

What type of account should I choose?
During the registration process, you will select the type of account, to benefit from the advantages that we offer in proshowmarket.com
For example: You are a company that has activity in the Europe. In your case you should select the type of account: "Company"
For any questions about choosing the type of account during the registration process can write to info@proshowmarket.com
I forgot my password. What should I do?
You need to specify your email address in the link to be sent a new password automatically.


What if I can not find a product?
If you do not find what you want, you can contact us and we'll help you find the desired article info@proshowmarket.com

In case of failure or defect of an article I should do?
In case of malfunction or damage should contact by e-mail proshowmarket.com (info@proshowmarket.com) and explain the steps after studying the case. Not accept receipt of any package returned item without notice.

If you have a question and can not find the answer here, you can contact us and we will help you solve it.

Loyalty Points

What is the point system?
Buy in Proshowmarket.com is subsidized. For every dollar you spend in our shop, you accumulate points which are then redeemable on your next order.
We so appreciate your loyalty and make you enjoy more for less.

How does it work?
Every euro you pay in Proshowmarket.com is deposited into your account, and automatically converted into points.

The points and their value
1 euro equals 1 point.
If you make a purchase of 50 € (not including shipping) will have accumulated a total of 50 points or what is the same 0,5 euro discount for your next order.
So, if you make a purchase of 100 €, you will have accumulated a total of 100 points, or what is the same € 1 discount for your next order.
Proshowmarket.com reserves the option to change the equivalence without notice.
Minimum purchase order canjerar my points
To redeem your points and get your discount Proshowmarket have to make a purchase over 100 € on your order.
How do I redeem points?
When you go to complete your purchase, in the summary of your cart, you will add your discount code.
Your points consumed will be updated in your account under "My Points Proshowmarket"
Minimum Points I can redeem
Currently, there is no required minimum points.
Minimum Purchase for points
Any purchase that exceeds 100 € (VAT included) excluding shipping proshowmarket gets points.

Do Dan points:
      Are the shipping costs?
No shipping charges do not generate points.
    What about taxes?
If the points are calculated on the total price of the product / s purchased.
    And discounted products?
No Items are samples with a discount or are on sale, are exempt from obtaining proshowmarket points.
   What I use points to buy?
No, not rebuilt points points.
Terms of Use
1. Only be available to users / os registered Proshowmarket.com
2. Are redeemable only in Proshowmarket.com
3. Points are not refundable and can not be transferred between members Proshowmarket.com
4. Points for purchases are not redeemable for cash.
5. Purchases paid unfinished and not generate points.
6. For purchases with points, they will be supplemented with money.
7. Shipping costs are not converted into points.
8. Expiration: 1 calendar year from when the order has been delivered to the customer.
Please note that we reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notice.