Terms and Conditions of Use

FIRST. - GENERAL: The general conditions regulate the business relationship with PROSHOWMARKET formalizes you, from the moment in which supply and / or sell an item through our web-site, agrees to purchase a specific good, owned by a third party, or agrees to acquire a good PROSOHMARKET owned by the direct sales system through the services offered by our website.

Please note that access to sales systems by third party or be purchased through the network marketing you must register in the "register" and accept the Terms of Use of this website and these GTC with PROSHOWMARKET.
SECOND. - Object of the contract and legal nature of the relationship with PROSHOWMARKET users: The purpose of this contract is the provision and use of a platform through which previously registered users can sell and buy products through sales system third party or direct sale PROSHOWMARKET.
In sales by third PROSHOWMARKET simply give your web space for this purpose, PROSHOWMARKET therefore not acting in its own name and its own account or as agent or representative of the seller or buyer and thus only to provide an online venue for sales, without in any way guarantee the success or results of operation and subject to legal action from bringing actions against fraudulent sellers or buyers or just contrary to policies of best practices that could be harmed .
The user must understand and accept that in no time PROSHOWMARKET comes into possession of the property offered by third party vendors and therefore can not verify the value, location, operation, conditions, characteristics, qualities or just conformity of those goods the description given by the seller in its range, just merely contacting the offeror or potential acquirers and potential through an online venue for sales.
In accordance with the above, PROSHOWMARKET not manufacture, produce, transforms, stores, distributes or supplies or material elements of third bidders sold on your website and therefore, assumes no responsibility or liability arising from such activities (manufacturing, production, transformation, supply, storage and / or distribution) or liable for hidden defects of the thing sold, by eviction or by the defective nature of the goods or materials offered and sold through its website.
Thus will the seller, manufacturer, producer, warehouseman, distributor or supplier of the goods offered and / or sold who is liable within the scope of their respective responsibilities of the features, defects or hidden defects, quality and proper execution of the transaction.
PROSHOWMARKET no liability for damages arising from the use or misuse, which makes the purchaser of the goods or materials offered and / or sold in your page.
Users, by adhering to these general conditions declare to know and accept the legal position of PROSHOWMARKET in the relationship between buyer and seller third, and thus exonerating him unconditionally and unreservedly, in the terms and conditions herein.
The Company is released from any liability for claims demands or damages of any kind and nature which may result in the dispute, suit or proceeding initiated between buyer and seller third.
Users who accept the General Conditions of Contract and by extension the Terms of Use of this site at all times employ independent parties, without there being any link or intention to create and without creating by accepting these conditions or general conditions of use no civil or commercial, "joint venture", an employment relationship as an employed or self-employed dependent on the terms established in Law 20/2007 of 11 July status of self, relationship or franchise agreement, agency agreement, mediation or mandate.


3.1. - OBLIGATIONS PROSHOWMARKET. In the terms described in the General Conditions and the General Conditions of Use of this website PROSHOWMARKET assumes the following obligations:
a). - PROSHOWMARKET agrees to make available to users in the web-site, all the information required and provided by law for the products that are offered by third-party vendors, as well as for products that PROSHOWMARKET offered through the direct sales system.
With regard to information on services for the transfer of this website to third parties for sale, offered by our company:
The procedures to follow to register and offer their items on our website are described in "Accessing User Login", the price to pay for such services are described in "General Information".
The procedures to access the data provided by the user to be stored in the database with restricted access and to correct any errors or modify the data once provided, are described in "Client Access Area"
General information on the company is available PROSHOWMARKET under "General Information".
b.) - PROSHOWMARKET agrees to send the user request seller a check by mail concerning publication of its bid, and an acknowledgment by email within 24 hours after buyer shows his acceptance in confirming the receipt of the acceptance of the sale.
c.) - PROSHOWMARKET agrees to send the seller after the sale has been made, supporting evidence of recruitment made with PROSHOWMARKET, expressive of the terms thereof, products sold by the bidder, and information relating to the payment of both prices for the ads as sales commissions that are described in paragraph pricing "Price", taxes on the transaction, as well as time and form of payment of such amounts.
This justification will be sent by e-mail confirmation, or at the request of the user at the time of registration by another durable medium such as paper, by mail or fax. PROSHOWMARKET also send the user a bill for services rendered under the terms established by the tax legislation resulting from relevant application.
For this purpose the documentary proof will be considered a contract between the parties to the terms and conditions set forth in Article 27 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, as amended by Law 56/2007 of 28 December Measures to Promote the Information Society.

With regard to the products offered and sold directly by PROSHOWMARKET, the procedures to be followed to formalize the purchase agreement described in paragraph "REGISTER".

The documentary proof that can be printed after the purchase of the product will be considered a contract between the parties to the terms and conditions set forth in Article 27 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, as amended by Law 56 / 2007 of 28 December on Measures to Promote the Information Society.

This document will remain filed under "Order History" under "My Account" and will be accessible to the buyer.
The technical means at the disposal of the buyer to identify and correct errors in data entry are in the sections "My details" under "My Account".
d). - PROSHOWMARKET agrees to comply with current legislation on data protection, as well as every one of the codes of good practice in online sales on those who will be incorporated and will be adequately informed and published on its website.

3.2. - OBLIGATIONS OF USERS. In addition to the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Use described in "Terms and Conditions", users agree specifically and unreservedly to fulfill the following obligations:

a). - Registration if they intend to bid, to sell or buy any material that accesses databases of this web-site. For this purpose the bidder agrees to provide all necessary data and complete the fields for registration in this website that are requested in the registration form as instructed in there indicated, section "Register".
b.) - The seller (bidder) should identify the good or material sufficiently and adequately describing the general and special characteristics of the aircraft and must state the price, whether or not it includes VAT and / or other taxes that are of relevant application, shipping charges if any, which is the form of payment from considering possible preferably within or validity of the offer and the procedures that product or delivery of goods or materials if than volume, specialty or complexity delivery is subject to special conditions or timelines.
Each bid must include a graphic or picture that reproduces the appearance of the product or material. The seller must also reflect supply their identity.
The seller may not include in its offer links or hyperlinks to other web-sites or other for further information regarding products or material offered without express written consent of PROSHOWMARKET assuming otherwise the seller sole responsibility for the use and infringement of the rights of services and intellectual property of the link, and for the consequences arising from the possible acceptance of the Terms of Use and recruitment or referral suppose that link. In any case the seller or bidder frees PROSHOWMARKET expressly and unconditionally possible forwarding executed without your permission, assuming the possible consequences including compensatory damages, including pain and suffering, as well as professional fees to be intervene in defense of the interests of PROSHOWMARKET.
c) The purchaser assumes the obligation under the terms described in the General Conditions of Use, to ensure that the supply of goods or material intended to be an offer to purchase is in effect, current and not an old version stored in the cache his terminal, for which you must press the icon "Update" before proceeding to any recruitment and to read and accept in advance, so these General Conditions and the General Conditions of use described in section " Terms and Conditions ".
d). - Send as soon as possible to the email address on this website and in any case within a maximum period of two days, the acknowledgment of receipt sent by PROSHOWMARKET seller when the buyer shows his acceptance of the sale.
e). - The bidder must pay the price PROSHOWMARKET established force at any time by publishing their ads, and the amount of the fee described in that paragraph, once it has received acknowledgment of the acceptance of the sale by the purchaser, in the manner and time described in aparatado mentioned.
f). - Find or buy off the web-site.
Bidders and buyers expressly undertake not to use the fraudulently PROSHOWMARKET web-site through the completion of tenders, proposals or simple invitations sent by the page or by email using the particular, which offers to buy or sell items listed on this page, out of it.
Notwithstanding that such activities may be a scam resulting main PROSHOWMARKET injured, and against which reserves the exercise of civil and criminal actions that come right, these deals usually consist in most cases also a fraud for buyers and sellers, so that users explicitly of this page and irrevocably undertake strict not to engage in conduct described in the following and shown as examples of sales outside PROSHOWMARKET:

. - Offers sale or purchase of goods or merchandise duplicate or additional material to the third party vendor and bid published on this website.

. - Cancellation of a notice of sale to sell the item or material to a buyer who is aware of the existence of the material and / or offering through PROSHOWMARKET.
. - Offer to buy or sell outside of the web-site an article put on sale in the same, using the information obtained through PROSHOWMARKET.
. - Any other action or communication between sellers, buyers or bidders simple object or purpose to avoid paying the rates on this page, once it has been offered in the same article.
These actions are in addition to possible crimes or offenses under the criminal law, a policy violation PROSHOWMARKET sales, punishable under the provisions of "Terms of Use" and "General Conditions".
FOURTH. - RESPONSIBILITIES. Without prejudice to the responsibilities as defined in the preceding paragraphs, and the scope of those contained in the Terms of Use, you specify the following:
a). - PROSHOWMARKET, no obligation to verify the identity of users of its site, or the accuracy, timeliness, completeness and / or authenticity of the data that users provide about this company themselves or other users.
Consequently the company is not liable for damages of any kind that may result from use of the services and contents of the page by users or which may arise from the lack of veracity, completeness and / or authenticity of the information users provide about themselves, and particularly but not exclusively, the company excludes strict liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the impersonation of a third party by a user on any communication made by or through the portal.
Users will be responsible for all data and events to include in the collection of data to register on this website, and the content of any communication issued by any other means aimed at PROSHOWMARKET.

The company is not liable for errors resulting from incorrect entry of data entered by the user, the responsibility of the company is limited to the accuracy and correctness of the data provided by the user.

b.) - Services provided by PROSHOWMARKET hired by a particular user, at any time are limited exclusively to himself, for himself or for your business or organization, may not be transferred to third parties even if they are the same companies group associations in which it is composed, or any other person or entity related in any way to the purchaser.
c.) - Users are responsible for all the consequences, damages, lost profits and other repairs caused by damage to himself or others, arising from the use, or use or misuse treatment services provided by PROSHOWMARKET
FIFTH. - PRICES AND PAYMENT: The payment of the services offered on this page is determined in the "Payment methods".
This price list is subject to changes that may be established from time to time PROSHOWMARKET therefore the user and as already noted in the Terms of Use must be careful and pay attention necessary when sufficient access version updated price every time you want to announce an article or proceed with the sale or purchase of the same, preventing access to the version stored in the computer's memory, for which just press the icon "Update" or "F5".
Otherwise the company is not responsible for the discrepancies between the price and the service that is provided at all times on the page.
The user who hire the services page undertakes to pay the amount stated in the price list at the right time of acceptance of the application delivery if you make payment on-line, or within five calendar days next if you choose to make payment otherwise. The services will be provided only after the company has verified the receipt of such payment.
Applicable taxes accruing from the use of the services of this page are considered included in the prices shown in the "General Information", except that in each case otherwise. The user must pay taxes for those services where legally held responsible for the same, as in the case of value added tax percentage rate in effect at the time that is applicable.
The product price, shipping charges and taxes that may apply to the products offered for sale are set by the seller in the description of each item.

SIXTH. - PRIVACY. - In the case of recruiting or receiving services from this site entails the exchange of confidential information such as trade secrets, financial data, "know-how", working methods, personal information or any document of any of the two parties or confidential nature, and it is clear from its very nature, both parties agree not to disclose such information to a third party, except with express written consent of the other party.

Without limiting the foregoing business user and undertake to adopt all necessary precautions to preserve the confidentiality of such information and treat the confidential information with the same degree of diligence would treat its own confidential information.
This information may be disclosed only to employees of the company or companies for their condition, position and function need to know to do their job, in any case will be advised of the confidential nature of such information and its liability for unlawfully disclosing .
Notwithstanding the provisions of previous aparatados shall not apply to information were known regularly without confidential or were published on this website or in the user without restricted access, or by email without identifying themselves as information confidential.
Nor have any liability for the transmission of information that is publicly available or accessible to the general public for reasons other than those provided in this clause or obtained from a third party that is not bound to observe such confidentiality, as well as those whose disclosure is legally required of the receiver, by administrative order or injunction or any other competent authority.
The obligations described in this clause must be respected by both parties for the duration of the contract and during the five years following its termination for any reason.
SEVENTH. - DATA PROTECTION: To use certain services or access certain content, users must first provide the Company certain personal data. PROSHOWMARKET not store this information unless specific request for his part, understanding that such approval is granted when the data are provided to acquire the status of user.
It informs users that the databases PROSHOWMARKET there a database with user data that are collected on this page, and detailed in every moment of the data which, by filling the form fields is necessary for the provision of the service offered by this company and when that data is optional or accessory. If you do not refill the mandatory fields PROSHOWMARKET can not provide the service and thus will inform the user.
The automated database is the responsibility of PROSHOWMARKET.COM, whose address is c Livestock No. 13, Hall 5, in Huesca (22006) Spain (info@proshowmarket.com), the data is processed for the sole purpose of managing the business relationship with the user as well as for sending business information to facilitate this venture, as long as your submission has been approved in advance by the user.
Sending the forms requested by the user implies the express consent for the transfer of personal data contained in that file, and all persons authorized by it to the extent necessary to meet the benefits provided on this page and for operations and necessary business information.
Controllers shall agree to maintain the secrecy of the data contained in the automated file in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and other complementary regulatory and development also in accordance with the provisions of that statute the user is informed of their right of access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, opposition, which can be done by contacting the address of the controller discussed above.

EIGHTH. - Referral and implementation of the General Conditions of Use - matters not covered by these general conditions of contract and direct referral to govern them all and each of the general conditions of use set out under "Terms Use "and" Legal Information ", which are considered an integral part of these Conditions of Employment, which You have given their agreement to use the services of this web page, and will be applied in a supplementary and what does not contradict General Conditions of Contract.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, for the purchase or supply of any goods in particular may be attached and submit for approval any other user's specific conditions for that property, product, material or service. In that case agreed specific conditions apply in preference to the general terms and conditions and use provided in this website which will apply as they do not contradict the above.
NINTH. - EFFECTIVE. The General Conditions of Use and, if the General Conditions of Contract shall come into force at the time when the user clicks on this website and thus gives his consent to the same and use this site and services that it offered. Upon accessing and using our services you agree and fully adheres to all general conditions provided in this web-site.
In accordance with Article 2 of Royal Decree 1906/1999 regulating the telephone and electronic contracting with general conditions, in implementation of Article 5.3 of the Law 7/1998, of 13 April, General Conditions of Recruitment and Resolution of March 29, 2000 of the DGRN, PROSHOWMARKET warrants discussed the general conditions of use and the general terms and conditions for a period of more than three days at this website available to all users in date before these could hire any goods or services, thus fulfilling the waiting period established in this rule and interpretive resolution.
If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is declared null and void, in whole or in part by any court, arbitral tribunal or administrative body competent jurisdiction, such declaration shall not affect the remaining terms or conditions that will considered divisible or separable, which retain their full force and continue to be binding between the parties.
The fact that the company PROSHOWMARKET, at one point does not require compliance with one or more of these General Terms and Conditions or of the Terms of Use shall not affect or waiver is void or to demand its enforcement and / or compliance in the future or the renunciation of taking legal actions against such failure, nor create a vested right to the other party.
To be effective, any waiver of law made by the company shall be in writing, without prejudice to the right to modify these Terms of Use or
PROSHOWMARKET assumes no liability with regard to the execution of this contract in the event that circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation acts of God, acts of terrorism, riots, acts of military authorities, fire, earthquake, flood, accident or any other force majeure involving this company.
ELEVENTH. - ASSIGNMENT AND SUBROGATION: PROSHOWMARKET may at any time to meet its service obligations, hire or collaborate with subcontractors, assign the contracts awarded to third parties to perform all or part of the service you agree to these terms and general use.
Furthermore you agree that both these conditions, the use and any other documents forming part of the contractual relationship between the user and the company can be assigned automatically by the company to a third party in the event of merger, absorption, acquisition or other corporate restructuring process.
TWELFTH. - Submission to arbitration. In accordance with the provisions of Article 18 and following, Article 32 and Additional Provision Three (amended by Law 56/2007, of December 28) of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, PROSHOWMARKET agree to submit disputes arising with users regarding the use or recruitment resulting from this page to the Consumer Arbitration System, the law of consumer protection and users, and methods of dispute resolution that are in place or are introduced by means of codes of conduct or other self-regulatory instruments, in particular the requirements set out in Royal Decree 636/1993, of 3 May that regulates Consumer Arbitration System, through electronic means.
These General Terms and Conditions, the Terms of Use of the website and its interpretation and enforcement shall be governed by Spanish law and resulting from relevant application.
In particular the service of this web-site and the Terms of Use and General Conditions are governed by Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Law 56 / 2007 on Measures to Promote the Information Society, Law 25/2007 of 18 October retention of data relating to electronic communications and public communications networks, and other additional rules and development.
The parties expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond and to the extent permitted by law, submit any dispute arising out of interpretation or the General Conditions and the Terms of Use to the Courts of Huesca, Spain.
FOURTEENTH. - Contact information, notifications and notice periods. Any notice or notice of either party, shall be sent by any method used to reasonably believe that the information has arrived safely, preferably by email.
Notwithstanding the overall business information that is contained in the "General Information"), user communications info@proshowmarket.com may refer to, or entering the "contact" section.