Legal Notice

1st. - LEGAL, Scope. This disclaimer and terms of use explain the form, conditions and requirements necessary to access and use the services presented on this page ( From the moment you visit, use or browse through the page, accessed and / or supplies to our databases required information and / or requests and receives the services in the same are disclosed, it is understood that assumes no booking class obligations included in both this legal notice or in the general conditions applicable at all times, thus acquiring the status of a user of our web-site (the "User" hereinafter).
Therefore, before continuing with his visit should read carefully the contents of this Notice and the Terms of Use and it agrees with them or any other condition required must neither agree nor use this web-site .
In case you decide to register as a user and use the services and information that can be accessed by this condition, should consider also result bound by the general conditions of contract with PROSHOWMARKET as described in "Terms and Conditions ", and therefore must read, know and show your agreement to them and it agrees with them, but is not able to access the services they provide user status.
The company reserves the right to modify at any time this disclaimer, the Terms of Use of the web-site, and any other general or special conditions, regulations, instructions or warnings that may apply. Company also reserves the right to suspend, terminate or cease operating the web-site at any time, therefore, the user must read and carefully this entire document, and in all those times when you are intends to use this web-site, as the same may be modified.
The company will publish the changes described in the previous section by posting them on the website. Except as provided below, all amended terms and conditions shall become effective and be of direct application from the thirty calendar days of publication of this amendment. No modification will be made to the General Conditions without being made public on the bulletin board

General Conditions of Sale and Navigation 

This document governs the use of the Internet Website that you just accessed, and that the company PROSHOWMARKET (hereinafter company or supplier) makes available to Internet users.

1st. - Service Description, "What is PROSHOWMARKET?". PROSHOWMARKET is only a meeting point which allows users to offer, sell and buy products and material objects of professional sound and lighting system through a direct sale or sale by a third party, whom the company PROSHOWMARKET, cede its space web for that purpose.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand and accept that, except in the products offered and sold directly by PROSHOWMARKET, this company is not a party to or is involved in the transaction or sale that between third bidder or seller and buyer and is not responsible for the adequacy or accuracy of the listings of the seller or the quality, safety or legality of the products offered on the page.
In sales of products not offered by PROSHOWMARKET, which are made through this website, PROSHOWMARKET, not acting in its own name and its own account or as agent or representative of the seller or buyer and thus only to provide an online venue for sales, without in any way guarantee the success or results of operation and subject to legal action from bringing actions against fraudulent sellers or buyers or just contrary to policies of best practices that could be harmed .
Consequently PROSHOWMARKET can not guarantee and does not ensure that a third party seller or buyer will complete the sale or transaction to commit through this web-site, or that they have the ability to sell or buy.
In case you decide to register as well as vendor-seller or as a buyer, you should carefully read the explanations about the legal position of PROSHOWMARKET and accept the conditions described in the second condition (under contract and legal nature relationship with PROSHOWMARKET users), which is contained in the General Conditions, paragraph "Terms and Conditions"
2nd. - Access and permitted use of the portal and its contents. The user acknowledges and accepts that access and use of this web-site and / or the contents and elements are displayed in the same takes place freely and consciously and in any case on his own responsibility.
The content that the user can see are specifically directed to individuals or companies interested in receiving the information that the company offers and / or bid and / or buy the materials and professional sound and lighting that are the core of the offer of this website.
Access to the website and / or content and items that are offered on the same show and does not imply any guarantee regarding the suitability of the site and / or content for personal, commercial or specific users. The Company may at any time set limitations and / or conditions for use and / or access to this site and / or its content and / or elements, which must be observed by users in any case and under the conditions laid down in Regarding disclaimers described in these Terms of Use, paragraph 5 º "Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability."
All information provided by the user to this site must be truthful, the user guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated as a result of filling in forms and data collection for the subscription of the services offered by the site, obtaining user status and access to content or restricted areas of this web-site.
Just as is the obligation of the user to keep such information updated constantly, so that at all times to respond to the situation and real user data. The personal data submitted by the user will not be stored unless specific request from you.
In any case the user will be solely responsible for any false and / or inaccurate statements made and the damage caused to PROSHOWMARKET or others for the information provided or hide data, all in accordance with the provisions 5th paragraph "Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability", of the General Conditions of Use
Anyone is welcome to visit this site, however, to register as minors must obtain prior permission from their parents, guardians or legal representatives to access and use this website, the above will be held responsible for all acts performed by the children in their care. The full responsibility for the determination and access to content and services accessed by minors is for the adults who are in charge.
The user is subject and is responsible for all your actions, you must remember that any information that is available in the interactive areas of our website becomes public information, so we urge you to exercise caution when disclosing personal information.
Users agree to make a proper and lawful use of this web-site and its contents and / or elements within it, in accordance with applicable law, the good uses generally accepted, according to public policy, and in accordance with these Terms of Use and in accordance with the Conditions of Contract with PROSHOWMARKET, described in "Terms and Conditions".
In particular the user expressly and irrevocably agrees not to:

1st. - Make unauthorized or fraudulent this website and / or its contents with illegal purposes, prohibited in these Terms of Use, in the General Conditions of Contract and which are or may be harmful to the rights and interests of others, or in any way damage, disable, overburden, impair or prevent the normal use of the services, equipment, documents, files and all kinds of electronic documents and content stored on any computer.

2nd. - Your information and those relating to articles or materials offered shall not be false, inaccurate or misleading, particularly those items will not be fraudulent, not involve the sale of counterfeit or stolen items, or violate the rights of industrial property copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other rights of publicity or privacy rights of third parties.
In particular, bids must comply with the rules of consumer protection, unfair competition, organization and control of retail and advertising (not discriminatory or deceptive).
3rd. - The information you provide on this page will not be defamatory or constitutes libel or slander threat will not be obscene or contain child pornography.
4th. - The user will not access or attempt to access, content or restricted areas of this site, without meeting the conditions and requirements for such access and that are described in these Terms of Service, and trying to access , use and / or manipulate data from this company, its suppliers, links, other users or third parties. It is expressly forbidden to impersonate another user or any other person or attempt to obtain another user's password, and use your email address to impersonate another person.
5th. - The user will not cause damage to hardware or software of this company, its suppliers or third parties, as well as introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other hardware or software (worms, trojans, bombs timer, cancelbolts, easter eggs) that may or are likely to cause damage to the same systems of this company from its users or third parties.
6th. - The user will not harass or threaten, embarrass or interfere with other users of any unwanted way.
7th. - You will not reproduce, copy, distribute, allow public access through any form of public communication, transform or modify the contents and elements of this site unless expressly authorized in writing by the holder or such action is legally permitted.
8th. - The user will not delete, hide, manipulate or generally ignore the notes on intellectual property rights or industrial and other data identifying the rights of the company or third parties included in its contents or its links and their technical protection devices or reporting mechanisms which fit the contents.
9th. - The user shall not obtain or attempt to obtain the contents using means or procedures other than those, as appropriate, have been made available for this purpose or have been expressly stated in the web pages where find such content or, in general, than those used on the Internet and do not pose a risk of damage or misuse of this web-site and / or its contents.
10 º. - In particular, and merely indicative and not exhaustive, the User agrees unreservedly to not distribute or make available to third parties any information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound files and / or images, photographs , recordings, software and generally any kind of material in any format or content that:
a). - Is contrary, disparage or violate fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized in the Constitution, international treaties and legislation resulting from relevant application.
b.) - Induce, incite or promote criminal, slanderous, defamatory, violent, or in general, contrary to law, morality and generally accepted good practices and public order.
c.) - induce, incite or promote actions, attitudes or discriminatory thoughts on sex, race, religion, creed, age or condition.
d). - Incorporate, make available or allow access to products, items messages and / or criminal, violent, offensive, harmful or, in general, contrary to law, morals to generally accepted customs or to order public.
e). - induces or could induce a state of anxiety or fear, or induce or incite involvement in dangerous, hazardous, harmful to health or mental balance.
11th. - The user will not co-sponsor the site or a portion thereof, or frame the site or a portion thereof. In this sense, for co-sponsoring means the inclusion of a name, logo, trademark or other form of identification so that the user printing, reasonable assurance that the other party has the right to display, publish or distribute this page web. You agree expressly and unreservedly to immediately suspend any link, cosponsored or unauthorized framing.
12th. - Notwithstanding the information on the products offered and sold by parties other than PROSHOWMARKET, the user will not publish any advertising or promotional material and insert links. Administrators from other websites can not maintain links with this website without the prior express written permission of this company.
13th. - Do not include descriptions of goods or liaise with them that are identical to other items ready to be sold or are inserted at the same time in other websites.

3rd. - Information rights and obligations on intellectual property.

You acknowledge and agree that all rights to Intellectual Property on the contents and / or any other elements on this web-site, including without limitation trademarks, logos, trade names, text, images, graphics, designs, sounds , databases, musical performances, patents, software, flow charts, presentations, "look-and-feel", audio and video, buttons, keywords, metatags, "general style" PROSHOWMARKET belong to the company and / or third who have all the rights, title and interest in such content and / or elements. All these elements are protected by copyright under national laws and international treaties.
In any case access to this web-site imply any waiver, license or transfer all or part of such rights, unless expressly stated otherwise.
The General Conditions of Use and the GTC and acceptance, do not give users or third parties any other right to use, modify, use, reproduction, distribution or public communication of this web-site and / or its contents, other than those expressly provided.
Any other use or exploitation of any rights will be subject to the prior and express authorization specifically granted for that purpose by the company or third owner of the rights.
PROSHOWMARKET allows users to use, view, print, download and store Contents and / or elements on the website solely for your personal, private and non-profit, provided that in any case indicate the source and author of the same and display, where applicable, the copyright symbol and / or industrial property notes holders or any other notice or proprietary legend appearing on any of the content of this web-site.
It is prohibited the use of such elements, reproduction, communication, and / or distribution for commercial or lucrative, and modification alteration, decompilation or public dissemination.
The press reports, if any, will ever be edited in the web page content and other documents classified as public may be used to broadcast provided indicating the source of the information.
For any other use other than those specified and expressly permitted, you must obtain the prior written consent of the owner of the rights in question.
When you send any communications or materials to the website of the company by e-mail, containing information will be treated as non-confidential and not subject to rights of intellectual property, unless the user tell us otherwise. In the first case PROSHOWMARKET is free to use without compensation to user, any concepts, ideas, know-how or techniques contained in any communication you send to the website. In any case you agree that the company is not obligated to use any such ideas or materials and has no right to demand its use or dissemination.

4th. - Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability.

All the materials, software, products and services included in the page or available through this web-site, hereinafter contained, are provided "as is" and "as available" for use. Neither PROSHOWMARKET, nor any of its content providers make any warranty, express or implied, on the results that may be obtained from use of the content and make no express or implied warranties of capacity, or fitness for a particular use, merchantability , non-infringement, misuse, abuse and / or accuracy or correctness of content or advertising.
Regarding the operation of the website, the company does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the web-site or those other websites that have been established or can establish a "link", also, the company will in no way responsible for any damage that may result from:
1 º. - The lack of availability or accessibility to the website or any other website with which it has established or can establish a link.
2nd. - The interruption in the operation of the web-site or computer faults, telephone breakdowns, disconnections, delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloads of telephone lines, Internet system or other electronic systems produced during operation.
3rd. - The inadequacy of the web-site for specific user needs, as well as other damages that may be caused by third parties through unauthorized interference beyond the control and monitoring of the company.
4th. - PROSHOWMARKET not and can not warrant that the contents are free of viruses or other harmful components. In order to reduce the risk in the web-site, the company uses virus detection programs all content you enter in the web-site, however the company does not warrant or certify the absence of viruses or other elements in the web-site introduced by outsiders to it that may alter the physical or logical systems of users or systems and files stored on their systems.

It is your responsibility to take all necessary precautions to ensure that any element of this page you select for your use is free of infection by viruses, worms (worms), Trojan horses or other codes or items that have contaminating or destructive properties.   

Consequently the company is in no way liable for any damages of any kind that may result from the presence of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations mentioned in the physical or logical systems, electronic documents or user files.

The company also takes protective measures to protect the web-site and its content and information from attacks by third parties, however no warranty or guarantee that unauthorized third parties may have access to the kind of web-site use that does user or the conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which such use, therefore the company is in no way responsible for any damages of any kind that may result from such unauthorized access.
Regarding the use of the portal and its contents by users, the company is not responsible for any use which users and / or third parties to make web-site or its contents, or for damages of any kind may arise from it, the company has no obligation and does not control the use made by users of its site and its services, so you can not guarantee that users use this web-site, its services, elements and content in accordance with these Terms of Service and, where appropriate, with the general terms and conditions that are relevant in the case of application, or do so in a diligent, prudent or just adequate for the intended use for this site -site.
You acknowledge and agree that the company may use "cookies" when a user browses the web-site, these "cookies" from the company are only associated with an anonymous user and your computer and do not provide references from which data user personnel. You can set your browser to notify and reject the installation of "cookies" sent by the company, without affecting the ability opment user to access the content.
As for the identity and data supplied by users, the company has no obligation to verify the identity of users of its site, or the accuracy, timeliness, completeness and / or authenticity of the data that users provide about themselves this company or other users.
Consequently the company is not liable for damages of any kind that may result from use of the services and contents of the page by users or which may arise from the lack of veracity, completeness and / or authenticity of the information users provide about themselves, and particularly but not exclusively, the company excludes strict liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the impersonation of a third party by a user on any communication made by or through the portal.
Users will be responsible for all data and events to include in the collection of data to register on this website, and the content of any communication issued by any other means aimed at PROSHOWMARKET. The company is not liable for errors resulting from incorrect entry of data entered by the user, the responsibility of the company is limited to the accuracy and correctness of the data provided by the user.
As for the content displayed on your page, PROSHOWMARKET, do not edit the content of third parties published on the web-site and thus not responsible or guarantee the legality, reliability, usability, reliability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of such content, especially on a non-exclusive, the company is not liable for damages of any nature arising from:

1 º. - The lack of legality, reliability, usability, reliability, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the content generated by third parties.

2nd. - The unsuitability for any use or purpose of the user and the disappointment of the expectations generated by such content.
3rd. - Actions, omissions or decisions jacks or avoided by you in reliance on the information or data provided, supplied or obtained from third parties on the contents of this web-site, including without limitation consequential damages or lost profits resulting from the loss of profit or business opportunity or expectations.
Regarding the links (links), the company offers users technical link devices, directories and other search tools that allow them to access other pages and / or websites owned and / or operated by third parties.
The links provided on this page do not create or constitute a legal affiliation of any kind between this company and any third party or any obligation or liability by PROSHOWMARKET with content, ads, representations, products and / or services of any third party, nor is warranty or guaranty of their products or services or the performance or quality of them.
The company does not check the content of such external web-sites at the time in which you set the link under the confidence that such pages and contents comply with relevant legislation resulting from applying at all times.
Consequently the company is not responsible for, approve, qualify, or own the content, products, services, information, data, files and any kind of material on such linked sites and does not control, endorse, qualify, endorses, or responsible for the successive changes in them are introduced.
You agree and confirm that the company is not responsible for the accuracy, copyright infringement, legality, or any other aspect in web-site content that is accessed outside through a link on this page.
In particular, non-exclusive, the company is not liable for damages of any nature arising from:

1 º. - The performance, availability, accessibility or continuity of the linked sites.

2nd. - The maintenance of the information, content and services on the sites by any means they are linked.
3rd. - The provision or transmission of the information, content and services available on the linked sites and the quality, legality, reliability, and usefulness of the information and content available on linked sites and that, on the same terms and with the same extent provided in respect of the content and services provided by third parties through this web-site.
The company assumes all obligations imposed collaboration with Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (Articles 8 and 11 as amended by Law 56/2007 on Measures to Promote the Information Society), as well as those relating to data retention established in Law 25/2007, of 18 October, the retention of data relating to electronic communications and public communications networks, so that in the event that it deems appropriate or so ordered by governmental or judicial authority, the company will remove links to those websites that violate applicable law and / or infringe rights of third parties, and / or retain the user data in terms of such rules.
Overall PROSHOWMARKET not accept any warranty or condition of any kind, either express or implied. You agree that use of PROSHOWMARKET page is your sole responsibility.
Specifically and because, as has been explained, the company assumes no PROSHOWMARKET sales and operations performed by third parties who have sold web space, any rights or obligations, in case of judicial or extrajudicial dispute between you and one or more users of this website by third party goods or services that are offered in the same, the company (including its directors, partners, shareholders, representatives, subsidiaries, representatives, agents or employees) is left of any direct responsibility, solidarity or subsidiary for claims, demands, or damages of any nature which could give rise to the dispute or litigation between these users or between them and third parties for reasons related to the use of the site.
The company also makes no warranty regarding any goods, materials, or services or the supply thereof offered or sold by third parties, which were acquired through this website or its content providers; or content or services purchased through links or channels provided on this page.
Consequently within legal limits, the company will not respond under any circumstances, including negligence, for any damage or injury of any kind arising from such use or the inability to use, misuse or errors in the use of its Web web.

You agree that PROSHOWMARKET not be liable to you or any third person for any conduct intimidating, defamatory obscene, offensive or illegal conduct of any third party or any other breach or violation of third party rights among which are expressly included the right of property intellectual.

PROSHOWMARKET are expressly disclaims all warranties not contained in this contract and the rest of the guarantees are limited to the maximum allowed by law and generally to the terms contained in this contract.
Anyway PROSHOWMARKET responsibility towards users or third parties for any reason, is limited to the amount paid by the user to this company for the use of their services and which originase responsibility.
5th. - Defaults and Indemnification: By accepting these Terms you agree to make an appropriate and consistent with legal services and other elements or links offering page therefore PROSHOWMARKET, reserves the right to take whatever action in law are relevant and appropriate to defend their interests and to claim damages arising from a breach of any of these Terms of Use or GTC, by any user or third party.
If you breach the undertaking may withdraw or suspend at any time temporarily or permanently without notice providing services to those who violate the provisions of these Terms of Use or in the GTC.
The same procedure shall apply if PROSHOWMARKET unable to verify or authenticate any information provided by the user or the company understands that their actions or omissions, information or attitude to this company and its users may cause liability for this company, for the rest their users or even for you.
By accepting these Terms, you agree to indemnify and not to harm the company and its content providers from all claims, losses, damages of any kind, convictions in judgment, costs and expenses, including necessary for the defense and representation in court arising from misuse or unauthorized use by the user, or contrary to these Terms of Use and General Conditions of this site.
Without limiting the foregoing you agree to indemnify and hold the company (including its directors, partners, shareholders, representatives, subsidiaries, representatives, agents or employees) harmless in connection with any judicial or extrajudicial claim third party by reason of breach by User of these Terms of Use and the General Conditions, or for violation of laws and third party rights including the rights expressly include intellectual property.
6th. - Commitment PROSHOWMARKET with unsolicited commercial communications (spam).
In accordance with Article 18 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the company is committed to:
a). - No collect user data for advertising purposes and to transmit any kind of publicity and communications for the purpose of sale or other commercial purposes, without the mediation of request or consent.
b.) - not send any unsolicited message or previously consented to a plurality of persons, and not to send chain letters or unsolicited previously agreed.
c) Do not use distribution lists which can be accessed through the services and make available to third parties for any purpose data collected from mailing lists.
However, you agree and consent that in the moment you enter the requested condition or as a member of the mailing list, you will receive at intervals to be determined by the newsletter and / or offers that, if be developed by the company, and any other communication that, untreated than those in the previous aparatados, the company deems appropriate.
7th. - International use. Members of the EU or outside the EU. All those natural or legal persons resident or domiciled in other countries of the European Union or outside the European Union must ensure that access to and use of this web-site and / or its content are permitted in accordance with its own legislation . In any case, access and use of this web-site by a user who does not meet the requirement of residence or domicile in Spain means under his sole responsibility, exonerating clearly and unequivocally to the company of any responsibility to the extent permitted by applicable law resulting from application.
PROSHOWMARKET not responsible for the material or elements that are offered on our web-site are appropriate or available for use outside of Spain, or to visit this site from territories or nations where its use is prohibited or contents are illegal, in these cases who access this site do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with the laws that are applicable.
8th. - Privacy: To use certain services or access certain content, users must first provide the Company certain personal data. PROSHOWMARKET not store this information unless specific request for his part, understanding that such approval is granted when the data are provided to acquire the status of user.
It informs users that the databases PROSHOWMARKET there a database with user data that are collected on this page, and detailed in every moment of the data which, by filling the form fields are necessary for the provision of the service offered by this company and where those data are optional or accessory. If you do not refill the mandatory fields PROSHOWMARKET can not provide the service and thus will inform the user.
The automated database is the responsibility of PROSHOWMARKET.COM, whose address is c Livestock No. 13, Hall 5, in Huesca (22006) Spain (, the data is processed for the sole purpose of managing the business relationship with the user as well as for sending business information to facilitate this venture, as long as your submission has been approved in advance by the user.
Sending the forms requested by the user implies the express consent for the transfer of personal data contained in that file, and all persons authorized by it to the extent necessary to meet the benefits provided on this page and for operations and necessary business information.
Controllers shall agree to maintain the secrecy of the data contained in the automated file in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and other complementary regulatory and development also in accordance with the provisions of that statute the user is informed of their right of access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, opposition, which can be done by contacting the address of the controller discussed above.
9th. - ADVISORY for Registered Users. Applicable regulation. These Terms of Service constitute part of the GTC with PROSHOWMARKET, described in aparatado "Terms and Conditions", if you acquire the status of a registered user of this site and decides to bid , sell or buy items to keep in mind that is bound to both the acceptance and observance of these Terms of Use as those mentioned GTC.
10th. - Entry into force. The General Conditions of Use and, if the General Conditions of Contract shall come into force at the time when the user clicks on this website and thus gives his consent to the same and use this site and services that it offered. Upon accessing and using our services you agree and fully adheres to all general conditions provided in this web-site.
In accordance with Article 2 of Royal Decree 1906/1999 regulating the telephone and electronic contracting with general conditions, in implementation of Article 5.3 of the Law 7/1998, of 13 April, General Conditions of Recruitment and Resolution of March 29, 2000 of the DGRN, PROSHOWMARKET warrants discussed the general conditions of use and the general terms and conditions for a period of more than three days at this website available to all users in date before these could hire any goods or services, thus fulfilling the waiting period established in this rule and interpretive resolution.
11th. - Severability, Disability, and Force Majeure Severability.
If any provision of these Terms of Use or GTC is declared null and void, in whole or in part by any court, arbitral tribunal or administrative body competent jurisdiction, such declaration shall not affect the remaining provisions or general conditions shall be deemed severable or separable, which retain their full force and continue to be binding between the parties.
The fact that the company PROSHOWMARKET, at one point does not require compliance with one or more of these conditions or of the Terms of Use shall not affect or waiver is void or to demand its enforcement and / or compliance in future or the renunciation of taking legal actions against such failure, nor create a vested right to the other party. To be effective, any waiver of law made by the company shall be in writing, without prejudice to the right to modify these Terms of Use or
PROSHOWMARKET assumes no liability with regard to the execution of this contract in the event that circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation acts of God, acts of terrorism, riots, acts of military authorities, fire, earthquake, flood, accident or any other force majeure involving this company.
12th. - Assignment and subrogation. PROSHOWMARKET may at any time to meet its service obligations, hire or collaborate with subcontractors, assign the contracts awarded to third parties to perform all or part of the service you agree to these terms of usage and conditions general contracting.
Furthermore you agree that both these conditions, the use and any other documents forming part of the contractual relationship between the user and the company can be assigned automatically by the company to a third party in the event of merger, absorption, acquisition or other corporate restructuring process.
13th. - Arbitration. In accordance with the provisions of Article 18 and following, Article 32 and Additional Provision Three (amended by Law 56/2007, of December 28) of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, PROSHOWMARKET agree to submit disputes arising with users regarding the use or recruitment resulting from this page to the Consumer Arbitration System, the law of consumer protection and users, and methods of dispute resolution that are in place or are introduced by means of codes of conduct or other self-regulatory instruments, in particular the requirements set out in Royal Decree 636/1993, of 3 May, which regulates the system Consumer Arbitration, through electronic means.
14th. - Law and Jurisdiction. The General Conditions, the General Conditions of Use of the website and its interpretation and enforcement shall be governed by Spanish law and resulting from relevant application. In particular the service of this web-site and the Terms of Use and General Conditions are governed by Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Law 56 / 2007 on Measures to Promote the Information Society, Law 25/2007 of 18 October retention of data relating to electronic communications and public communications networks, and other additional rules and development.
The parties expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond and to the extent permitted by law, submit any dispute arising out of interpretation or the General Conditions and the Terms of Use to the Courts of Huesca (Spain).
15th. - Contact information, notifications and notice periods. Any notice or notice of either party, shall be sent by any method used to reasonably believe that the information has arrived safely, preferably by email.
Notwithstanding the overall business information that is contained in the "General Information", user communications may be referred to. or entering the "Contact".