Our main goal is that our customers are fully satisfied with our products. If you ever have any problems, please please contact us at customer service . Sure you find the best solution .

The first thing to note is that the guarantees offered by Proshowmarket only apply to consumers and end users , ie , the guarantees offered for domestic or private use of goods that are purchased. The warranties provided in this section do not cover professional use of the apparatus or its use for various functions that are mentioned below .

They have no consideration for those consumers and users without becoming final recipients , acquire , store, use or consume goods or services, in order to integrate them into processes of production, processing , marketing or provision to third parties .

So if you are an autonomous individual or a business , you should know that the law protects consumers and users when you buy the product on this page with the intention of reselling it , rent it, use it or just store it in your own company. In this case be natural or legal person played the Electronic Commerce Business to Business ( B2B) they are applied .
The warranty for products sold directly by Proshowmarket , which are intended for private consumption , adjusted to the rules contained in the current legislation, in particular the Royal Legislative Decree 1/ 2007, which approves the Revised Text of the General law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.
In addition and as added assurance PROSHOWMARKET is attached to consumer arbitration system of Consumer Arbitration Board Aragon
This legal framework aims to provide the consumer demand options for the proper performance of the contract , and to that end PROSHOWMARKET ensures that the products offered for sale directly to your site conform to the description contained in the website regarding each them and possess the qualities listed in the description . PROSHOWMARKET also guarantees that are fit for the purposes to which ordinarily are used and show the quality and performance that users expect from such products .
If you want to present a particular product or customizing the product to serve for a special use you must notify PROSHOWMARKET to the extent of our possibilities we can adapt to your needs .
In any case, if the new product does not ultimately proves as contracted , consumer and user has the right to request, at its option, repair or replace them , unless one of these options is objectively impossible or disproportionate. The consumer can not demand the replacement if you shop secondhand.
When the repair or replacement are not possible or are disproportionate , the consumer may require the reduction of the price or rescission of the contract , ie , the return of the price .
In case of lack of conformity of the new product within two years from recognized upon delivery to the buyer to enforce their rights, resale products is within 30 days.
Within these periods we will eliminate warranty, any malfunction of the device , either by repairing , replacing parts or the complete appliance of the same type , provided that the chosen option becomes feasible and not disproportionately us financially .
The consumer and user must inform PROSHOWMARKET of the lack of conformity within two months after he has knowledge of it.
In the event that you purchased a product proves to be defective , you must contact our Customer Service to begin the process of warranty management and give you instructions and explain the steps you must follow.
However, and to the extent that your site offers Proshowmarket selling products of different brands , manufacturers may offer additional guarantees, what is called commercial warranty , the extent and duration differ between products and brands . Such collateral will be exclusively by the manufacturer that requires them.
In PROSHOWMARKET imported or distributed by the manufacturer or producer goods liable for lack of conformity of the goods where it refers to the origin, identity or suitability of the products , according to their nature, purpose and the relevant regulations .
Generally the defects that may arise in consumer goods and which are attributable to the manufacturer are of three types :
. - Fabrication : is the place where the particular product , when used or consumed , deviates from the intended design and set for the same product . Thus there is a discrepancy between reality and the expected product for the same model , which is usually caused by a manufacturing fault .
. - By design : product design does not deviate from intended by the manufacturer , but creates a risk of harm that could have been avoided or reduced with an alternative design
. - For information or warning that relates to products whose risk of damage would have been reduced or avoided by adequate warnings or instructions provided by the manufacturer with respect to their use patterns, instructions were not properly communicated to the consumer or user .
In these cases and ask for the repair or replacement , we recommend that the customer contact an authorized service recognized and licensed by the manufacturer . Do not forget that it is imperative that the serial number of the product for repair exactly matches the record on file with the manufacturer .
EXCLUSION OF WARRANTY: In any case, without prejudice to the warranty exclusions established by the manufacturer of the product, the guarantees offered by PROSHOWMARKET explained and do not cover damage or product defects resulting from:
A) - . Damages or defects caused by use , operation or treatment of the product not in accordance with or normal household staff, including product misuse , improper handling of the product or any of its components, damage caused by negligence, a deal that produces physical , cosmetic or surface damage, or a change in the product.
B) . - Do not install or use the product normally or according to the instructions contained in the installation manual or failure to follow instructions of the Product Safety Standards .
C) - . Installation or use of the product contrary to regulations or technical or safety laws in the country in which it is used or installed .
D ) - . The warranty is void if factors outside the normal use of the product , such as increases or decreases in voltage , short circuit, falls, accidents , liquids , chemicals, flooding , vibrations , excessive heat , improper ventilation , or excessive or improper supply voltage, radiation , electrostatic discharge such as lightning or other external forces and impacts.
E) - . Use of inappropriate or prohibited by the manufacturer , or abusive or improper handling by the customer or by third parties not authorized by the manufacturer accessories.
F) - . Consumables (components that should be replaced periodically during the lifetime of a product, such as batteries ) . Therefore are exempt from warranty are wear components such as bulbs of flashlights , batteries , manuals , fuses, disposable batteries , periodic maintenance , repair or replacement of parts due to wear

G) - . Damage resulting from failure to maintain the product according to the manufacturer's instructions on proper maintenance

H) - . Virus attacks or use of the product with software not supplied with the product or incorrectly installed software .

I) - . Damages caused by the condition or defects in systems with which it is used or incorporating the product or use the product with accessories, peripheral equipment and other products of a kind, a condition and a different standard than indicated manufacturer .

J) - . Repair or attempted repair by persons who are not part of PROSHOWMARKET or authorized by the manufacturer.

K ) - Adjustments or adaptations without the prior written consent of PROSHOWMARKET , including upgrading the product beyond specifications or features described in the operating instructions , or modification of the product to suit the technical and local or national safety standards countries for which the product has not been designed and manufactured specifically
SHOULD ALSO NOTE THAT : the guarantee is directed only to the holder (contract part ) listed in the bill and only the holder may require the same . The company is not liable to meet requirements of a third party not directly acquired either through PROSHOWMARKET and / or not contained in the bill of sale .
Warranty service will be provided only if the original invoice or receipt is presented (with the date of purchase, model name and vendor name ) together with the defective product within the warranty period. PROSHOWMARKET may refuse free warranty service if these documents are not submitted or are incomplete or illegible. No warranty can be applied if it has been altered, defaced or removed from the model name or serial number , or are unreadable .

Service and After-Sales Technical Assistance

Being products of lasting nature PROSHOWMARKET provides after sales service for products it manufactures and imports and sells directly through this website.

Spares items sold are guaranteed for a minimum period of five years from the time the product that sets the repair has stopped.

However upon imported products such availability is conditioned upon the manufacturer or producer guarantees the existence of such parts if proshowmarket not be available.

The spare parts are used in repairs shall be new , unless the consumer user gives prior written consent for used parts , recovered or not original use .

All repairs made technical services and products not under warranty are guaranteed for a minimum period of three months.

These warranty periods will take effect from the date of delivery of the repaired, it will be that which appears on the invoice service or repair .

These guarantees are valid provided that the product has not been tampered with or repaired by third parties outside the service and when the fault has not been caused by improper use of the product or due to force majeure.

Prices for parts , labor , transportation , etc. , correspond to the estimated average costs in the sector.

In the legal warranty repairs outside shipping costs and product collection will always be product of the purchaser.
Also the risks associated with returning the product will be charged to the sender , who must be sent securely and insurance and guarantees required for the returned goods arrive in perfect condition.
Items must be sent necessarily properly protected in their original packaging , in perfect condition with all accessories , instructions and documentation , as Proshowmarket were referred by , and shall be sent to the location specified by Proshowmarket .